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Specialists in Equality,  Conflict Resolution and Change at Work. Supporting you support your employees.

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Courses tailored to meet your business needs
At AC&S we believe in the power of the education in resolving workplace conflict. Experience tells us that the need for resolution is lessened if employees not only understand their company policy but WHY certain policies are important. Further to this is understanding each other as colleagues and neighbours and creating a harmonious working environment.
Social media has been a great source of conflict and we have drawn on our experiences to develop workshops to engage with employees on their usage with it, while providing practical training on the potential impact of the posts they make, along with guidance on how to navigate through false information and avoid online disputes. 


Give your employees the confidence to navigate change at work and reduce conflict with training on dealing with redundancy or TUPE transfers. 

Ensure that your employees are aware of the impact of discrimination, with tailored equality workshops. Help them understand awareness of the language of equality and using social media.

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